Caring for our Children



Dear fellow residents,


You may have seen in the news that our local Bellbridge based Childcare and Kindergarten are being suddenly scrapped leaving all of the parents who use this service in the lurch.


This news is far more than just an inconvenience, as most other childcare centres in and around Albury Wodonga have already filled their places for next year.


This closure has far reaching affects for our community too, and unless addressed quickly will inevitably lead to families relocating closer to town.


We are asking for your help to ensure that the vibrant and growing hub of our community remains on the peninsula.


We have written an email (see below) asking our MP’s to show their commitment to helping the children of Bellbridge, Talgarno, Bethanga and the neighbouring regions.


If you agree with our email please, copy-and-paste it from below and send it on along with your full name and your address to the following:


Dan Tehan – Education Minister:

Craig Laundy – Liberal MP (representative for Dan Tehan):

(Victoria) Cathy McGowan – Indi MP:

(NSW) Sussan Ley –  Farrer MP:



Please do this today to strengthen our country community.


With gratitude,


Bellbridge Childcare Centre Action Group

(on behalf of the many concerned parents and grandparents)





Dear Ministers,


I’m writing to express how important the local Childcare and Kindergarten services are in this area and to voice my concern and alarm at their sudden closure set to happen on 21st December 2018.


I am seeking your assistance to provide a long-term viable plan for the childcare service in our area.


I see this service as being essential to our rural community and believe it underpins the social fabric of our area. It allows parents to return to work, reduces geographic isolation and ensures local children interact well and develop friendships that will continue when they attend the local schools.


Local services such as this encourage and maintain young families living in the area and without them I am concerned that people will inevitably move away.


The childcare and kindergarten are also a vital ‘feeder’ resource for the Bethanga and Talgarno schools and both headmasters are fearful that without the continuation of the centre their schools will then close.


Please use your power and influence to help ensure that our service is adequately funded and managed over the long term.


Just because we are living in a rural area, shouldn’t mean that our children are disadvantaged.


Worried parents are urgently seeking a solution and I hope you can help to be a part of the solution.


Yours sincerely,