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We are a group of concerned residents who want to find the best way forward for bringing broadband to Bethanga...

We should be the envy of other regional communities…


We all want to have better broadband in our community, however the NBN’s proposal to use fixed wireless technology, rather than roll-out the fibre optic connection which is right at our fingertips in the village, is very surprising indeed.


The Better Broadband for Bethanga group (www.bethanga.com.au) has been created with the aim of achieving the best long-term solution for everyone involved.  We view broadband as being a big asset to our homes and local businesses, and getting this right now, will result in long-term benefits.


At the public meeting on the 10th August, it was confirmed by the Telstra representative, that Bethanga’s fibre optic was of the right ‘sort’ to serve the whole community! We therefore have a great tool at our disposal to use – and we could be the envy of other regional communities if we simply make a case for what is best for Bethanga – rather than what is easiest or most expedient for NBN’s contractors.


Our reasoning for opposing the fixed wireless tower (FW)1, in favour of fibre optic technology (FTTN)2, comes from the following research:


  1. The tower will not serve everyone in our hilly area due to its ‘line of sight’ technology. Some will benefit from their proposed service, some however will not.
  2. The tower is affected by weather and so will not be consistently reliable.
  3. The tower will result in a slower solution, in terms of uploading and downloading data.
  4. The tower itself is right next to a conservation area.
  5. The tower is an unsightly blight on a picturesque unblemished hillside.


We think that this is a baffling proposal by the NBN and is potentially missing a real opportunity for everyone in Bethanga. Why not use the resources we have, and attract businesses and future residents without building ‘second-rate’ structures. This could be a real draw card for Bethanga and give it the future capacity it needs, as well as providing improvements right now.


Many people all across Australia also believe that the FW towers are ‘false economy’ and are spoiling the countryside. Many communities have successfully overturned proposals that didn’t suit their environment.


By contrast, fibre optic technology only appears to have positives:

• It is faster, more reliable, not an eyesore and will not affect conservation areas.

• It could be a ‘win-win’ situation for the whole community.


For those who naysay and talk about the costs being prohibitive – apparently our situation is not dissimilar to those in more urban areas. In fact it is estimated that over 90%3 of the country will have fibre-to-the node, so we really are not asking for anything unusual or special. The hard part, (getting the fibre here), has already been done, and with VDSL equipment into the exchange in place of the current ADSL, we can have a ‘true’ broadband service.4


We would like to ensure that the right technology is used for the right environment and we hope you will support us are asking the NBN for a better proposal that what is currently on offer. Let’s not be ‘cheap’ with Bethanga’s infrastructure – it is after all, our future.


If anyone would like further information please contact us.


Here are some articles which we hope will be of interest to you (more to follow soon):










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If we work together we can resolve this issue which has deeply divided the Bethanga community.

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